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2022: a year the world needed compassion

This has been a year of unprecedented global challenges, but it has also been a year of hope and progress for farmed animals. Together, we’ve taken huge strides towards a sustainable food system, free from cruel farming.

Your unwavering determination to speak out for the voiceless is inspirational, and your continued support for Compassion in World Farming’s work is overwhelming.

Individual compassion - global action

This year, once again, you’ve shown how individuals around the world, united by compassion, can work together to transform the future of farmed animals.

Compassion supporters took 3,243,056 actions against the cruelty and injustice of factory farming:

  • You lobbied politicians and policymakers with petitions, emails, letters, public protests, and rallies.
  • You backed urgent appeals and put your creativity and courage to the test through fundraising events and sponsored challenges.
  • You reached out, face-to-face or online, to spread the word for farmed animals.
  • You continued to take Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by storm. During the 2022 International Awareness Day alone, 37,000 tweets gave #BanLiveExports a potential reach of over 41 million views.
  • And, last but not least, you helped ensure that the call to end needless farmed animal suffering could be viewed or heard more than 26 billion times globally through TV, radio, and press.

There is no doubt that any worldwide goal needs a worldwide movement of passionate people behind it.

Every victory for animals proves that this crucial fight is in very good hands: YOURS.

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You are a powerful source for change

Governments and policymakers can have a huge impactgood or badon the lives of farmed animals. But they don’t make their decisions in a vacuum, and, throughout 2022, you’ve helped convince those in power to act against cruel farming.

Ending the cage age

Ending the cage age

Historic 27-country victory against caged farming

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This year, we stepped up the campaign to protect your historic victory against caged farming in the European Union (EU).

After the European Commission announced, in June 2021, that it would propose legislation to phase out caged farming for 300 million animals across 27 countries each year, the factory farming industry began intense lobbying against a cage ban.

So, we commissioned a report that showed farmers could get funding to move away from cages. And, in the summer of 2022, we released a shocking new investigation into the suffering of caged pigs to build public pressure against this cruelty.

With your support, we intensified our national campaigns to End the Cage Age:

  • Compassion in World Farming France took the lead in joint legal action prompted by a political U-turn on pledges against caged farming.
  • Compassion in World Farming Italia united with other influential NGOs to persuade the national Government to back an EU-wide cage ban.
  • And, following a 109,000-signature petition calling for the United Kingdom (UK) to follow the EU’s lead, the UK Government confirmed it will launch a consultation on banning cages for hens.

In January 2022, we celebrated the enactment of California’s “Proposition 12,” banning the production and sale of food from caged animals. And we challenged US pork producers’ claim that the law is unconstitutional in the US Supreme Court.

Banning live exports

Banning live exports

Movements against live animal exports

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Early in 2022, a 900,000-signature petition led by Compassion in World Farming, Four Paws, and WeMove brought the huge citizen movement against live animal exports to the forefront of animal welfare policy reviews.

Then, over 130 organizations across 45 countries united for Ban Live Exports: International Awareness Day. And, in the UK, a Great British live export ban remains in the cards after the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill was carried over to the current Parliamentary session.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is re-examining EU live transport rules, and Members of the European Parliament can be in no doubt that their electorate demands an end to this cruel, needless trade.

Save our antibiotics

Save our antibiotics

New legislation preventing routine use

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On January 28, 2022, new EU legislation—that you helped secure—came into force: It’s now illegal for farmers to use antibiotics routinely to prevent disease in healthy groups of animals or to compensate for poor husbandry or hygiene. This represents major progress in the fight to stop vital medicines being misused to prop up unhealthy, inhumane factory farming.

You did it! The animal sentience act

You did it! The animal sentience act

For vertebrates, crustaceans & octopuses

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In April, a five-year, hard-fought campaign led by Compassion in World Farming supporters achieved its goal: recognition in UK law that animals can experience pain, suffering, and joy.

The Animal Welfare (Sentience) Act reinstates vital protection for animals that was lost after Brexit. It also goes further than EU legislation by establishing an independent Animal Sentience Committee to scrutinize Government policies.

The Act acknowledges the ability of vertebrate animals, plus lobsters, octopuses, and crabs, to think and feel—a huge breakthrough in the battle to protect their welfare.

Rethinking fish... and octopuses

Rethinking fish... and octopuses

Fighting against commercial farms

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Our groundbreaking report on octopus farming achieved a 2.5 billion potential reach in the media, and we stepped up pressure against plans for the world’s first commercial octopus farms in Spain and Hawaii.

And, with the European Commission reviewing farmed animal legislation, over 50,000 people have already signed our petition calling for stronger rules to protect the welfare of around 1 billion farmed fishes each year.

Transforming Food Business

Over 2.5 billion animals a year are now set to benefit from your backing for Compassion in World Farming’s Food Business program.

Together, we're helping food companies ditch the worst factory farming practices—and holding them accountable to their higher welfare pledges.

Leading a food revolution

Recognition that intensive farming and high meat consumption are threats to human health and the environment—as well as devastating for animals—is growing. We need to transform our food system, and you are leading the way.

A momentus win

A momentus win

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Vital links between animal welfare and environmental crises are set to be formally recognized at a global level after 93 countries adopted a historic resolution at the fifth United Nations Environment Assembly. 

Compassion in World Farming campaigners played a key role in securing this call for a UN Environment Program report. The aim is to build understanding of how improving animal welfare can help stop biodiversity loss, restore ecosystems, and reduce climate change, pollution, and the risk of future pandemics. 

Ground Breaking Exposé

Ground Breaking Exposé

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August 2022 saw the launch of 六十收成了: a crucial new weapon in our fight to end industrialized animal farming.

Taking its title from a chilling UN warning about the state of the world’s soils, this book by Compassion in World Farming’s global CEO reveals how the mega-farms, cages, and chemical dependency of “Big Ag” jeopardize the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the nature we treasure.

It also spotlights the pioneers who are battling to revitalize our landscapes and explores how we can secure a thriving future for wildlife, farmed animals, people, and the soils our lives are built on.

A Unique Presence

A Unique Presence

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In 2022, we stepped up the call for a reduction in global meat consumption by sending our “meat reduction map” and international petition to the leaders of countries and regions with high meat consumption. 

This campaign was launched during the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where Compassion in World Farming was the only NGO focused on farming and animal welfare with a stand inside the prestigious area for registered delegates. 

Hope from farm to fork

Hope from farm to fork

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In May 2022, the citizen-led Conference on the Future of Europe closed with a report to the EU Presidency, calling for a shift to more sustainable diets and higher animal welfare.

This followed the European Parliament’s adoption, in late 2021, of a Farm to Fork Strategy for a “fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system.” Compassion in World Farming lobbied hard for this outcome, which should pave the way for higher animal welfare standards.

A global vision

Cow laying down in a field of yellow flowers
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With you at our side, Compassion in World Farming’s aim is to drive global consensus that our farming has to change.

We’re seeking international commitments—including a United Nations Resolution—to deliver a nature-positive, humane food system. This goal is ambitious, but, with your vision and support, we know it’s achievable.

In 2023, our “Extinction or Regeneration” conference will bring together influential policymakers, scientists, and cultural figures to explore answers to climate and animal welfare crises.

We’ll build a powerful movement of organizations and citizens behind the “End of the Line” campaign for UN action against factory farming, and we’ll press major financial institutions to support higher welfare food production.

And, with each campaign we win to outlaw animal cruelty, each big food company that commits to meat reduction, together, we’ll lay further foundations for a better future—for animals, people, and our planet.

Thank you

Compassion in World Farming’s work is dependent on the generosity of those who donate and take action to fight factory farming, protect animals, and transform the global food system.

Our thanks to every single individual and organization who made a gift in the last year, and to all those who have remembered Compassion in World Farming in their will.

A summary of our income and expenditure for 2021/2022 is shown here.

Global Income 2021/22

purple circle
$6,610,807 Major gifts and grants
green circle
$4,935,097 Individual giving
yellow circle
$3,970,193 Legacies
light purple circle
$91,715 Investment income

Global Expenditure 2021/22

green circle
$6,177,130 Campaigning against factory farming
yellow circle
$3,220,270 Transforming food business
grey circle
$3,500,651 Raising funds
light grey circle
$38,525 Investment management costs


2021-2022 global impact review

2021 - 2022

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